For the V1 collection, in addition to going to Koh Samet to produce the first batch of photos, we decided Kanchanburi was an interesting place to achieve this objective. Kanchanaburi is a place with a dark history, as well is nature beauty that if you visit will blow your mind away. Mai Pichampa was intrigued by the story of Death Railway, which had major significance during World War II, which is why we chose the railways as one of the shooting locations.

V1 Jewellery at kanchanaburi Railway

Kanchanaburi also has divine waterfalls and hotsprings, a beautiful trait that persists in Thailand, and one of nature that should be embraced. So of course, the waterfall was on the top of our list for shooting location.

V1 Jewellery Photoshoot at Kanchanaburi Waterfall

Thailand is also well known for its river, which has played a major role in the economic development of the country as a whole; this was our third main shooting location.

V1 Jewellery Photoshoot at Kanchanaburi River