Mai Pichampa, Mother of three, explorer, free-spirit, jewellery design expressionist. Mai was born into a family of 10 children in Northern Western Thailand. Ever since she was a child, she’s always had a bit of a wildfire spirit with dreams of travelling the world and belief that anything was and is possible. At 8 years old her father passed away, so she had to leave her hometown and move in with her older Sister in order to work in Bangkok; she was a motivated hard worker as a child, a part of her character that persisted throughout her adult life.

Ever since she was young she enjoyed traveling, as she travelled alone in search of the meaning of life. It was during her travels that she commenced designing her own jewellery designs by hand. Each piece was an output of her environment and its vibes, something she still uses today to make her all accessories.

Mai believes that every artist expresses themselves differently, and she embraces her inner freak through all her creations. Whatever thought, voice, or image she receives, she truly listens and applies them to Thailand Handicraft’s V1 collection. Wild, free-spirited, a bit of freak and a life-long adventurer, these traits have been transferred through to her work.

So what inspires Mai when she designs her jewellery? Ultimately, her life experiences throughout her life, the colours of each new country, and the energy of her surroundings!