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Thailand Handicrafts Four Core Values


Thailand Handicrafts items have been handmade with care and attention to detail. Fine Karen Silver jewelry parts start out as mini silver beads, which are then melted and modeled into beautiful designs that have been inspired by the natural surroundings and daily lives of the Hill tribe Silversmiths. We then select only the finest pieces and distribute them to you.


The marvelous silver jewelry parts have been handcrafted using sustainable and traditional techniques that have been passed down through families, generation after generation. What started off as a Royal Project to overcome the Opium Epidemic in Thailand around the 1960’s to 1970’s, is now a treasured art form that the Karen Hill tribes use to continue on their independent family businesses. 

Family Oriented

Thailand Handicrafts partners with Independent Karen Hill Tribe artisans. They are generally families, where every member haslearntthe handcrafting techniques since childhood; meaning that everyone has the opportunity to be involved in the family business. Each family is independent, and because of their unique life experiences; they tend to offer completely differentjewellerydesigns.


We believe that what is made with love brings brilliant results. Silversmiths get the chance to experience the joys of putting their life’s inspirations and emotions into the creations. The families are also able to support their wellbeing and stick together as one because of the silver jewellery industry, and this shines through each individual silver piece, making it a truly Fine one of a kind expression of self. 

About Thailand Handicrafts

Bring your jewelry designs to life with handcrafted Karen Hill Tribe silver, also known as fine silver, distinguished as a one of the world’s top quality silver due to its 98 to 99% silver purity. Unlike sterling silver, rather than rusting as oxygen particles begin to react with the silver; oxidized fine Karen silver becomes a greyish color, almost like the smoke from a fire combined with the ashes falling from the sky. This gives Karen hill tribe silver jewelry a vintage-like feel; what’s more impressive is that it can be returned to the natural blemished silver color simply by letting it sit in a jar of water and baking soda.

Representing the black and white effect of such a beautiful metal offered by mother nature, Thailand Handicrafts offers Fine Karen Hill tribe silver of the highest quality delivered worldwide, so that you can create a physical version of your imagination: jewelry.

handcrafted & sustainable Using traditional techniques that have been passed through families.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to show the world the best that fine silver has to offer, and our vision is to be a world-renownedfinesilverjewelleryexportingorganisation.

Thailand Handicrafts and Hill Tribe Silver          

            Chiang Mai, also known as the upcoming hotspot for digital nomads, is not only rich in natural paradise, fascinating activities, and inspirational energy; it’s also known home to the talented Karen Hill Tribes who prove that in spite of life’s survival challenges, there’s always a way to turn things around with a little bit of nature’s resources, hand skills and imagination.

            Their journey begins in around the 18th century, where historians believe that the first Hill tribes migrated from Tibet & the Gobi Desert. The ones that found their way to Siam’s paradise, ended up in the mountainous regions of Thailand, and started undergoing some environmentally conscious farming: crop rotation.  They farmed rice, soya beans, tomatoes, tobacco, herbs, melons, and the infamous opium.

            Back in the 1970’s, opium had become a major problem in South East Asia, especially amongst the Chinese travelers who were passing through Thailand. Rather than punishing the tribes for partaking in illegal activities, the government worked alongside organizations such as the United Nations to substitute the Hill tribe’s main source of income to other cash crops as well as textiles and jewelry. Hence, Karen Hill tribe jewelry handcrafting tradition began and, encouraged by Thailand’s Royal Family, was passed down through multiple generations.

            Karen Hill Tribes of Chiang Mai Thailand, located mainly in the lower mountainous areas of Chiang Mai, continue this tradition and supply a number of retailers and distributors of Karen Hill tribe silver jewelry, recently also referred to as fine silver. This has helped the Karen hill tribe minority group shift their major source of income from crops to silver jewelry parts, improving the lives of many and increasing opportunities that have become available to them.

            With plenty of room for economic, social, and education growth, Thailand Handicrafts is proud to be a part of such a positive change for the betterment of society and the local community; working alongside talented silversmiths, we wish to continue this ongoing cultural activity, tradition, and ultimately business that could help the Karen Hill tribe community build a better life.

            Thailand Handicrafts, founded by Laila Pichampa & Sergio Goldman, started out as an Ebay store around the year 2000; where the store sold mainly Karen Hill tribe silver beads, toggles and other jewelry designing handicrafts.  Due to the seeming interest of customers in fine silver, Sergio and Laila created Thailandhandicrafts.com, HilltribeSilver.com, and ThailandBeads.com; all of which offered premium fine silver jewelry and Karen silver jewelry parts such as beads, toggles, pins, charms, pendants, strands, and eventually even extending the product range to semi-precious stones.

            Now, DBD registered and verified under Solunasia Co,. Ltd, Thailand Handicrafts remains a treasured family business: run by a mother daugther team Lila and Maya, who are dedicated to maintaining the traditions of Northern Thailand whilst helping the Karen Hill tribes to promote their fine artisan work. Thailand Handicraft's vision is to not only raise awareness of Karen silver, but to also represent Asia as a company that embraces all forms of artistic handicrafts made in exotic countries throughout South East Asia.

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